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Saturday 21 October 2017
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The top of the line. A classic is reborn.

1690T CORONADO The 1690T Coronado is our top-of-the-line 1964 reissue Supro tube amplifier. True to the original, this luxurious 2×10, 35-Watt combo delivers remarkable dynamic range with a clear, full sound. The Coronado maintains clean headroom throughout a large chunk of the volume control’s range, making it an excellent platform for a myriad of musical styles, from fat round jazz tones to country twang, stinging blues and— when ramped up to full throttle—raging rock & roll.

The bold and classic American tone of the 1690T amp is defined by the “Class A” dual-6L6, tube-rectified Supro power amp that is also found in the Thunderbolt amp. Feeding all of this touch-sensitive power through a pair of high-power Supro drivers, the Coronado’s tone remains clear, even when it’s distorted. The 1690T has ample headroom to accommodate pedals and gets easily loud enough to play large-venue and theatre stages.

The Coronado’s 2-channel preamp provides a broad spectrum of sounds with its dual volume and tone controls as well as shared tremolo circuit. Plugging into IN 1+2 links both preamp channels in parallel for double the input signal and double the gain. This clever topology lets you hit the power amp as hard as necessary and even allows “channel switching” in its purest form, using a simple A/B switch.

The 1964 reissue Supro Coronado’s vintage-correct, lightweight cabinet carries a matched pair of custom 10” Supro speakers to deliver serious punch and remarkable articulation even when the amp is pushed into exultant tube saturation. Custom-designed high-power Supro transformers and matched 5881/6L6WGC military-spec power tubes ensure consistent vintage tone night after night.

Features :

• All-tube Supro circuit
• A tuibe compliment of 4 x 12AX7EH, 2 x 6L6WGC's and 1 5 U4GB
• Two Channels with Parallel Link
• Tube Tremolo with footswitch jack
• 35 Watts “Class A” 6L6 power
• 2×10” Supro CR10 speakers
• 5U4 Tube Rectifier
• Blue Rhino Hide tolex
• Assembled in USA
• Vintage design by Valco

Cranbourne Music is an authorised Supro dealer serving Melbourne and Australia both Online and In Store

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If you are located in Melbourne, in Victoria or in fact anywhere in Australia, Cranbourne Music can help you!

Our Price: $2,399.00


Product Code: 1690T

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