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Maybach Guitars – Quality European made instruments


The brainchild of German music providores iMusicnetwork, Maybach Guitars offer not only shapes and styles you know and love, but also some sought after concepts that the big guys simply refuse to do anymore.


Maybach began production in the tumultuous, internet-spun tornado of the Naughties. Master builder Tony Gotz, who had made his name handcrafting acoustic guitars since the heady days of the early Eighties, added his considerable expertise to a round table at iMusicnetwork HQ in 2008. This meeting of minds resulted in a company dedicated to building instruments that pay homage to the golden era of guitar manufacture.


Essentially Maybach offers a ‘one of each’ selection. The Stradovari, Teleman and Jazzpole series’ square up proudly against Leo’s big three while Lester, Albatroz and Capitol keep the mighty Les in check. All of the timbers used are sustainably sourced from certified suppliers and each piece is expertly created from start to finish with an unwavering eye on the incontrovertible quality of the finished product.


It would be all too easy to write them off as simple facsimiles of the originals, especially with such a tongue-in-cheek naming convention. However the proof is well and truly in the pudding. Every build is replete with lush, deftly applied nitro finish peppered subtly with a tasteful amount of road worn charm. The feel of Maybach is everything you could expect from a Custom Shop piece with neither the price tag nor wait time to contend with. Provided by fellow Germans Amber Pickups, the voicing is not unlike a thoroughly gigged-in, over-wound and hotted-up pair of magnets or some mythic thing that you might dream of finding in a backwater pawn shop somewhere below the Mason Dixon line.


As guitar builders go Maybach have a knack for capturing the under-the-radar, troublemaker spirit that keeps so called ‘lawsuit era’ riff sticks in such high demand. Everything that is often amiss about name and off brand guitars alike is taken in stride.

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