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Translucent Drive Manipulator

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Westwood is a touch sensitive translucent overdrive manipulator as clean and pure as the breeze which blows through a grove of Douglas Fir trees, and as hot as a damn fine cup of coffee. It is an all purpose drive for sure. Whether you are into singing leads, or tube like breakup, this pedal has you covered.

This mild-mannered light- to medium-gain overdrive with active EQ controls will still knock the socks right off your trusty low-wattage combo amp, pushing it into anything from cutting, edge-of-breakup rhythm tones, all the way to articulate, singing lead tones stacked high with pleasing even-order harmonics and sweet, sweet sustain. And if you pair it up with your favorite head and cab, you should probably call the neighbors first, because the Westwood’s Level control has enough output on tap to alert the proper authorities. Even the FBI.

Each and every Westwood is a real Blue Rose case, hand built by a team of special agents in the Black Lodge of Akron, Ohio, USA, where the owls are not what they seem, there’s always music in the air, and the birds sing a pretty song.

You make the pedal, it doesn’t make you.

 The Features:

  • Translucent Overdrive Manipulator with two-band active EQ
  • Drive control to set your gain level
  • Treble affects the area around 2kHz
  • Bass control operates around 80Hz
  • Good for electric and bass guitar
  • True bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching
  • All-analog signal path
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weight: 9.95 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.8” x 2.6” x 2.3”
  • Every Westwood is hand built by the EarthQuaker team in the Foothills of Akron, Ohio, USA.

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