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The name stands firm in the deep German tradition of excellence. Our guitars feature more than style and appeal; they express our love for music and our intentions to provide you an instrument that will impact the history of music one player at a time.

German Pickup Engineering:

Looking back in history we have seen some vintage pickups from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s really inspired the face of music, as we know it. We at Duesenberg have taken on the same challenge to produce our own identity and sound through the painstaking attention to visual and technical details. All enthusiasts know – that vintage is just that, vintage. So the question is why have we attracted many of the top players in the world who are known to play only vintage with a new guitar? One word, tone.

At Duesenberg our production techniques allow us to meet the exact tolerances and meet the uniformity that ensures that you will be hearing the very best in tone. Each one of our pickups has been created by scratch, meaning, once we found that magic tone we locked it in. Many companies use other companies designed pickups in their product. To meet the Duesenberg standard we felt that the tone and the feel must not be compromised.

We have developed our own “Printer Wound” computerized winding system that literally allows a hand winding process to be utilized on each pickup bobbin. This still retains uniformity of our production with the highest quality and lowest tolerances. The extra fine tolerances are achieved through “Elektrisola” a wire produced in Germany. The precision of this wire has a tighter tolerance than any U.S. or Asian wire manufacture. Maintaining the exact specified insulation thickness has allowed us to produce those classic pickups and also maintains the distinctive tone of Duesenberg.

The key to this has been the influence on the capacity of the coil. A special so-called “soft iron” developed in Germany has incorporated the pole pieces along with the pole screws, providing a noticeable high harmonic content to the Duesenberg sound. This is all topped off with our base plates and covers and for this there is nothing better than German Nickel Silver. Nickel Silver has the least possible influence on the pickup values, and simultaneously achieving the optimum treble response while giving the best possible shielding.

Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbuckers and Domino P-90 Pickups:Our acclaimed Starplayer TV guitar model has this award winning combination pickups in it. This Doozy “Classic Sound” arsenal has already impacted many of the top songs and records around the world. Many musicians can identify this Doozy classic sound from the very first driving note. We have always felt that the best people to describe the Doozy tone are our family members. “My favorite electric guitar in the last 20 years” -Glenn Frey, The Eagles

Duesenberg 3-D Pickup Adjustment:

We have designed all of our pickups to with the 3-D design. Adjusting pickups can be one of the most important things in finding your sound. We have placed screw adjustment on each end of the pickup plus we have added a third screw adjustment on the topside of the pickup, which incorporates a small cylinder. This allows you to raise and lower the pickup pitch angle, giving you more control of your pickup placement.

Duesenberg Pots:

Many in the industry are willing to sacrifice on parts that are not seen by the eye, but at Duesenberg we focus on only the very best in tone creation. Duesenberg’s volume and tone pots are manufactured in Japan to the highest standard creating a precision-engineered pot with a sophisticated value curve that will have a long problem free life.

Duesenberg Speed Pot:

Featured on certain Duesenberg models this new specialist 70° pot controls tone with a slight touch. Also known as a “Quarter Pot” to some in the industry.

Duesenberg Swell Pot:

A cousin of the “Speed Pot” This spring-loaded lever pot allows those special effects that create volume swells, wah-wah effects and the crazy “machine gun” effect, without the click sound.

Duesenberg Control Knobs:

One of the first things you will notice on a Duesenberg is the fine attention detail on our control knobs and the jack plate. The “Art Deco” design is featuring our trademark 3-steps giving you that simplify and sophisticated look that only a Duesenberg can give.


Not many will take the time to build their own tuners for their product but at Duesenberg have done just that. We have designed a classic and yet modern a quick-thru Z-Tuner.

Easy, Fast Stringing! The string can be pulled quickly thru’ the tuner shaft, then the string end can be cut off as normal – but on the rear of the headstock – push the string end back a little so it disappears – then you tune as usual. Easy, fast stringing for sure! You can also use the DZT’s i

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