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P Plate Piano Book Three includes chords in both hands and four part harmony. It introduces student duets, where two equal parts are played by students rather than the teacher playing a more complex accompaniment to create a student performance. Book Three also contains pieces using a swing feel as well as building on and extending the rhythms and time signatures covered in Books One and Two. By the end of Book Three students are learning to tuck their thumbs under their hand and create scale shapes.

The books are designed to complement the teacher’s existing teaching methods and provide perfect preparation for AMEB Preliminary Piano or Preliminary Piano for Leisure. Optional non-graded assessments are available from the AMEB at the end of each book. The books feature stunning artwork, fun activities and informative text written by nationally respected music educator, Elissa Milne.
The P Plate Piano program includes access to this website which provides a range of teaching resources and activities for students to reinforce their learning. There are videos demonstrating teaching techniques and tips for presenting the program to students. A forum will be available soon for teachers and parents to share ideas and experiences. A Hall of Fame showcasing student performances and an online student journal will also feature on this website.

Why P Plate Piano?

The Australian Music Examinations Board is well known and highly regarded for the role it plays in providing opportunities for students of music. This new series of P Plate Piano materials aims to support young musicians in their earliest stages of development.

These books are carefully sequenced and pedagogically sound. They allow students to progress steadily from single note melodies to more complex works. Duet playing, creative interaction and imagination are encouraged and the program integrates with technology as is natural for many young students. These books also feature a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, which will help the young musician to develop stylistic versatility.


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