////RMC WAH 3 Real McCoy Custom 3 Wah Wah Pedal

RMC WAH 3 Real McCoy Custom 3 Wah Wah Pedal

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“First created in 1994, the Real McCoy Custom 3 (RMC3) is the world’s first (and only) fully tunable self-contained wah. Interior Vari-Tune circuit controls include:

LOW-Controls the amount of low frequencies present in the wah’s sweep.

MID-Controls the mid-range depth of the sweep. This control affects the vocal-like quality of the wah, as the human voice falls mostly into this range.

Q Harmonic-Controls the position of the sweet spot within the sweep range, replacing the 33K or 100K resistor in old Italian wahs. Not to be confused with a control of the same name that makes a wah-wah pedal go wuh-wuh.

VOLUME-Allows you to adjust the output strength of the wah.

SWEEP-This bank of 9 DIP switches allows you to select your desired sweep within a 9 octave range. The switches may be used in any combination to create familiar wah sweeps as well as some never before available. The voicing parameters go from higher than the old SCHALLER Bow-wow/Yoy-yoy pedal to deeper than any bass wah.

FINE TUNE-These 2 trimmers work in conjunction with the SWEEP DIP switches to allow you access to values “in-between” switch settings. The effect of these trimmers is slight and might not be audible to every player. For those that can hear the difference, they are available.

The RMC3 is developed and hand built by me, Geoffrey Teese, and includes fuzz-friendly technology, EMI resistant inductor, heavy-duty true-bypass on/off switch, exclusive 100K RMC-ICAR potentiometer, Switchcraft jacks, easily adjustable rocker tension, and AC adapter jack, and is covered by our limited one year warranty. The RMC3 is housed in a standard sized black case topped with a black footpad.”

-Geoffrey Teese

**Specifications subject to change without notice.

Model number: RMC3
Inductor: Low noise
RFI Filtering: Yes
EMI Filtering: Yes
Current draw: <10 mA

If an AC adapter is used, the adapter requires a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug with a negative center post, 9VDC AC regulated Class II, 20mA to 200mA max current output.

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